What is Pause and Smile?

This blog is me stepping out to meet my dream ~ the dream of writing.  Writing is something that I enjoy as one of my hobbies, and now I’m going to venture out and take it a step further than just an entry into a journal.  Through this work in progress, I hope to offer you a variety of readings that stir various emotions, as that is what my life is like – a mixed bag on any given day.  Somedays you may walk away from this blog having had a hearty chuckle; somedays you may feel a tear or two in your eyes – knowing that you are not alone; and other days you may completely disagree with my opinion, but that’s alright… this is just my opinion ~ please don’t let that keep you from coming back!  Respectfully disagreeing is one of the strongest teaching tools that I know, and I am always open to a differing point of view.

Thank you for taking an interest in Pause and Smile, and I wish you many of both in your day!! :)

2 thoughts on “What is Pause and Smile?

  1. Jerri Keller

    Hi Carol – I’ve enjoyed your blogs that Don has posted to FB so I’m signing up so I don’t miss a single one. Thank you sharing your thoughts & feelings. Take care & hope to see you soon. Jerri Keller


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