Work in Progress…

Pause and Smile's "Work in Progress"

“To blog or not to blog?”  That has been the question for me for the past several years.  I love to write… you just need to see all of my journals and notebooks to prove that point.  I always have something to say… just ask my family and friends… if the laughter or rolling of their eyes doesn’t justify my comment, just ask them again.  On top of loving to write and always having something to verbalize, I also love to learn; in fact I crave it.  So, the most logical step for me would be to place all of these factors together:  WRITE+EXPRESS+LEARN=BLOG

Anyone that knows me well, will verify that I am a planner, so coming up with a title for the blog was my first step in this commitment process.  All day, everyday, I would jot down ideas that would pop into my head.  Post-It notes were in my kitchen, on my desk, in the bedroom and even in my car, as I would jot something down at a stop light…. not talented or nuts enough to write down ideas while driving!  The one that kept recurring to me, day after day, was Pause and Smile.  Of the many ideas that I had, those two words, together, mean the most to me, especially when referring to communication or articulating one’s thoughts.  Although I often have much to say, I do my very best to “pause” so as not to step in it, so to speak.  Been there, done that many times in my life… see – I’m still learning!  While listening to or greeting someone, a “smile”, to me, is one of the greatest attributes that can be offered out to the world.  It usually comes back, at no charge!  Pausing and smiling in life helps me to be a better person to those around me; you never know how much or how far a mere smile can take someone.  Pausing and smiling equate to a happier, more relaxed me; able to sit back and simply believe.

This blog is me stepping out to meet my dream ~ the dream of writing.  Writing is something that I enjoy as one of my hobbies, and now I’m going to venture out and take it a step further than just an entry into a journal.  Through this work in progress, I hope to offer you a variety of emotions, as that is what my life is like – a mixed bag on any given day.  Somedays you may walk away from this blog having had a hearty chuckle; somedays you may feel a tear or two in your eyes – knowing that you are not alone; and other days you may completely disagree with my opinion, but that’s alright… this is just my opinion ~ please don’t let that keep you from coming back!  Respectfully disagreeing is one of the strongest teaching tools that I know, and I am always open to a differing point of view.

Thank you for taking an interest in Pause and Smile, and I wish you many of both in your day!! 🙂

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