…And the Winner Is?!?!

Yesterday afternoon I sat down with my laptop, in order to catch up on some of my e-mail ~  mainly the wonderful blogs that I follow.  Whether they are humorous, sensible, informative, or spiritual… all of these types make me stop and reflect, or pause and smile.

After viewing some of the hilarious definitions that folks had posted to “What the Heck is a Castanurgle?“, and reading about my favorite writer/politician who, by the way, is running for “President“, I opened another of my favorites, written by Ollie’s Mom -“Life Is Grace“.  It was turning out to be a day of great reading; I was getting a bit of everything, as it was all making me smile ~ even a hearty laugh out loud, now and then.

In “Lessons From Teachers & Twits” by Renee A. Schuls- Jacobson, you are invited into her world of parenting and teaching, and it is quite a comical ride.  You also have the  opportunity to participate in her Monday word game.  Mind you, the words she offers are not real words, as of yet, but given some of the hilarious definitions provided by the weekly contestants, they just might appear in the newly revised edition of the New Oxford American Dictionary.  Whether or not these words make the final cut, they are sure to make you chuckle!

Piper Bayard’s blog, ~ On Life, BellyDancing, and the Apocalyptic Annihilation ~ pretty much does what its description suggests; she covers it all with integrity, humor and a self-confidence that reaches out and pulls you in.  Her attitude is contagious!  I dare you to read her, “OK.  I’ll Do It.  I”ll Run for President” post and not want to write her in on your ballot in 2012.  I love her stand on education, gun control and how to deal with behavioral issues, regarding Representatives and Senators – watch out!!

The last blog that was in my inbox was from Melissa Johns, entitled “Life Is Grace”.  Melissa does a great job of bringing a sense of calmness into your life; therefore, showing that life IS  Grace.  Whether it be a post about a wonderful time in her life, a memory that provides her peace, or a simple quote that she feels inspired to share… she shows it; life is in fact – GRACE.

Now as I continued to read Melissa’s blog, I noticed that she was switching gears from her original post about a book that she could read Over and Over.  She began listing tidbits about herself, as well as a number of blogs that she likes to follow.  I thought, Great!  New blogs to follow!  New humor! New information! New recipes!  I’m always up for new reading to choose from.  Then I saw it… she had listed my blog, “Pause and Smile“, as one that she felt was deserving of “The Versatile Blogger Award”.

I’d like to thank…..

So, not only was this little chunk of my afternoon providing me with laughter at our future word choice; inspiration for a sound President and government of integrity; a feeling of peace and grace, but I had also stumbled upon the fact that I had been honored by a fellow and favorite blogger!  YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  Receiving an award for something that you love to do is one thing, but receiving it from someone that you admire is quite an honor. Thank you, Melissa!  Not only did you add a huge smile to my day, but you motivated me to get back to the keyboard and to stick with it.

So with that being said… now I have to provide you with a tad bit of information that you might not know about me, as well as paying it forward to some of my favorite writers.  I guess you could say that it’s kind of like an acceptance speech (sarcasm font- where are you when I need you?)!  Seriously folks… these are the rules that come along with The VBA!

Things that you NEED to know:

1.  I’m typing this post in my oldest daughter’s bedroom; she’s off at college – I miss her!  You see… I’ve been blessed with two FABULOUS daughters; they are now at the stage of their lives where they are walking on, rather than running towards.  I am trusting that HUBS and I have done a good job parenting, with much guidance from Above.

My Blessings ~
My Blessings ~


2.  I am so grateful to HUBS, as he’s been my  strongest supporter, especially when it comes to my writing, but through so much more ~ as well!

3.  If you see me in line at a store, don’t stand behind me; I always choose the slowest        moving line.  Seriously.  Always.  I guess it’s Nature’s way of teaching me to s-l-o-w down.

4.  If I could take a nap everyday, I would.  I cannot understand why little children fight the gift of napping; it will always remain a mystery to me.

5.  For me, integrity and loyalty are key ingredients in friendship; a great sense of humor – a must!  With that being said, I am blessed with some TERRIFIC friends!

6.  I could watch a butterfly play in our backyard all day long, especially if Scruffy is with me.  Scruffy is the smartest dog in the world!!  Really!!!  He’s trained me perfectly!

“Captain Smartie Pants”

7.  Melissa’s recognition (The VBA) couldn’t have come at a better time, and she doesn’t even know me, other than through the blogosphere ~ or does she?

For the bloggers/writers that I enjoy ~ well, many have likely already received this honor; they really know how to carry you through their story, or perhaps make your mouth water with their tasty recipes.  Here they are in no specific order.  Enjoy!!

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19 thoughts on “…And the Winner Is?!?!

  1. Don Rives

    Thanks for the kind words 🙂 I am too blessed to have you in my life for many many many reasons…. friend and wife! Keep up the writing…


  2. I’m so flattered by your description of me. If I can inspire self-confidence in others, I will have earned my groceries for the day. Truly, what more could anyone ask of their work? Thank you for the compliment and for the shout out.


    1. Your guest-post to Renee’s blog was where I “met” you! Your determination to set those students straight, regarding their sketchy decisions about appearance and attitude, really restored my faith in humanity. You didn’t just look away… you knew they were better than their actions, and you were willing to re-focus their belief in doing what is right. Need I say, I’m a fan?


        1. Piper… You are so very welcome!!

          I just had a friend of mine comment on your guest-post to “Lessons From Teachers and Twits” It reads, “Absolutely loved this! I’m gonna send it to Carol, as she taught in public schools for 30 years, and has quite the opinion of what has gone wrong with this generation.”

          By the way, the Carol that she refers to is another Carol – not me. My friend is forwarding your post onto a friend of hers in Baltimore.


    1. You make this blogging experience a joy!! Your writings are a treasure to read, and your phone conversation, well…. a marathon of fun!! Thanks for all of your encouragement, as well as your inspiring and comical words!


    1. No problem Matt… you are quite deserving of that honor; I imagine that you would be deserving of some sort of teaching award, as well. Your posts always inspire me. They provide me with a positive outlook on our education system. You’ve guided me to focus on the positive that I see, rather than the negative.

      Keep up the great writing and the wonderful work in your classroom!! 🙂

      This has been my first post, since the Hurricane Irene topic… you haven’t missed much! Thanks for subscribing.


  3. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I’m with you on #4! Li’l D loves his naps 90% of the time, but I’m baffled the 10% of the time he resists. Even when he doesn’t need his nap, I do!

    Thank you so much for the “vote.” ♥


    1. That one will forever remain a mystery to me; naps are critical in my book.

      You are so welcome for the vote – very deserving of it! Your writing always does one of two things for me; I’m always left smiling or pondering!! 🙂


  4. Wow! I love this post! Your description of how much you enjoy sitting down and reading your favorite blogs–really taking the time to ponder and think (hello!? PAUSE, and smile!)–was perfect and really challenged me to slow down and take things in. I love the blogs I subscribe to, but when I read them, it’s like I’m sprinting through them! To what, I couldn’t tell you. But thanks for that, Carol!

    And thank you, also, for the way you described my blog. I’m so happy to know you find some peace and inspiration there. I agree–when something you love to do gets recognized or you find that someone else enjoys it as well, that may just make it THAT much better!

    The picture of your daughters is gorgeous!



    1. Thanks Melissa! I have to admit that sometimes I feel like what you described as, “sprinting through them”, but on that particular day it was MY time, and I was going to savor my favorite blogs. It’s either full speed ahead, or slow, slow, slow; need to figure out the happy middle place.

      It was sooooooo EASY to describe your blog; it’s GREAT! “Life is Grace” has become my “calming place”. There is always something in EACH post that makes me smile!

      Tell Ollie that Scruffy says, “woof!!”


      1. Well, I do need to take more time to savor–definitely. And I can’t wait to check out the ones you’ve recommended.

        I will certainly tell Ollie that Scruffy says “woof”! I think they’d be good friends–Ollie loves dogs that are about his size, and I’m guessing (from the looks of it) that they’re about the same size. That little guy is definitely our “kid”… for now, anyway. 🙂 SO funny (and altogether amazing!) how dogs can do that to you!


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