Truth or Escape ~

This may appear to be a few days late, but timeliness in posting hasn’t been my strength lately.  If you have noticed, my last post is wishing you a Happy 4th of July… 2014!  Let me get caught up…. Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, and finally… Happy New Year! There, I think I’ve rushed my way through to February 2015.

Now, if you’ve followed my writing, you know that I don’t just write regarding holidays; however, I might touch upon one, here or there.  Life’s just been really busy, and sitting down to write just has not been a priority, and I doubt that it ever will be a priority; there are too many people and chosen obligations that will always come first, and my writing will fit in, as an added bonus to my day.

After several of my friends had asked about my writing, and as to why they were not receiving any of my posts, well… it got me to thinking, and then there was the Super Bowl! Just like most Americans on Super Bowl Sunday, I sit in anticipation of a good game; however, I plan my food, drink and bathroom breaks around the commercials.  Haven’t they become the most important part of Super Bowl Sunday to many of the viewers, unless you are fortunate enough to be there in person?  With all the bad press hanging over the NFL, as of late, I personally didn’t feel too interested in the game, but the commercials did interest me, considerably.

While HUBS, our friends and I were gathered around the television, we, along with what I imagine to be many others, were silenced by the Nationwide commercial.  I literally had my hand over my mouth as I watched.  Powerful – yes, appropriate – yes!  I’ve heard and read many viewpoints that it was considered too much, and that the Super Bowl is an escape.  I get that thought, but as a parent of two grown children I wondered how many parents were going in to check on their little children that might have been playing in the bonus-room, basement, bedrooms… anywhere other that watching the Super Bowl with mom, dad and their friends.

Could it have been considered a downer?  For certain, but there’s a lot in life that is just that… a downer.  Personally, I don’t think Nationwide was trying to sell anything, as much as it was trying to make a point.  Super Bowl Sunday 2015, with 114.4 million people watching…. point made!!  The next night CNN had a panel of 3 individuals discussing this topic… again, point made!  There is discussion about the importance of child safety; they got our attention.

The other daunting commercial was the pizza delivery call to 911.  Clever, daunting and chilling all at the same time.  I only wish they would have let this entire commercial play, rather than editing out for time.  Chilling from head to toe.  Chilling from head to toe…. that’s what I said after viewing it with HUBS prior to the game.

Nissan, Camry, Coca-Cola, always and McDonald’s, just to name of few of the other commercials, were heavy as well; however, they all had a positive spin that left me feeling more hopeful and reminiscent about our world.  For me, their stories were a form of escape, from the negativity that is reported day in and day out. These ads pulled at the heart-strings in an inspiring manner, as opposed to the gut-wrenching pull from the former ads mentioned.

The world has become a crazy, out of control place, or should I say crazy place where somes’ need for control is causing constant chaos.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of turning on the news to hear people scream and bitch at each other, or to learn of yet another murder, war conflict, or act of terrorism.  The news is becoming a broadcast platform for all the negative in the world, and I know that there is good going on all around us; unfortunately, it just doesn’t get the same amount of press.

All in all, yes, several of the ads were daunting and chilling, but most of the time the truth is just that. As much heartache that is in our world today, we run the risk of becoming desensitized to the pain, if it’s presented in a list format, on a continuous feed, i.e. the daily news.

I appreciated that the Super Bowl commercials of 2015 offered more of a better world feel than the usual, even if several of them were a bit sobering, to say the least.

I can only wonder how many accidents have been prevented, due to the fact that we had to watch an ad that caused us to feel a bit uneasy.  If the truth has helped in the least bit, I’d gladly endure that discomfort again.  Would you?

6 thoughts on “Truth or Escape ~

  1. Jerri Keller

    Carol – well said! I am in total agreement with you but found I was in the minority in my opinion with the Monday morning water cooler crowd. Loved seeing your blog in my inbox. I so enjoy your writing and have missed you!


  2. Paula

    Applause! Totally agree. So glad those companies took time to “reach out” rather than “take in” (as in $$$). Yes, they made us feel, but isn’t that what we’re needing, rather than feeling nothing?


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