Equal Importance ~

It was a peaceful day, a quiet day in the college dorm; a rarity, I’m sure.  As I stood there in Oldest’s dorm room, looking out her window, I was so pleased to see that she had a lovely view of a peaceful path.  The brilliant autumn colors were scattering down to the ground and if I put my imagination to work, it almost felt as though I was in a high-rise tree house amongst the mature pines, tall oaks and dogwoods.

Once I had admired the outer view, I began to take in the room that she now calls home for nine months out of a year.  It’s the typical dorm room… small, two beds, two desks, two built-in dressers and a micro-fridge that requires some creative furniture placement.  The walls were adorned with pictures of old high-school buddies, as well as new college friends; needless to say, it was a good feeling.  Then I saw it ~ a beautiful card with a beautiful quote sitting in the back corner of her desk, placed intentionally so that she would see it, as she settled in to conquer her studies.

Set Your Pace ~ 

“To succeed at any challenge in life, you’ve got to tune out the noise around you ~ the footsteps of others (ahead and behind), distracting “advice,” doubters who tell you it can’t be done.  Instead, focus on your inner voice.  Setting your own goal, charting your course and trusting your instincts take courage, but they are the surest route to crossing your personal finish line a winner.”            ~ author unknown ~                                

The above quote was placed on a hand-made card by my sister-in-law, who takes a great deal of time cutting and pasting from old magazines.  She has a gift for listening and remembering your interests and how they are relevent in your life ~ the path that is your very own.  You should see some of the birthday cards that our family has received; the front, the middle and the back are covered with symbols and words of love that are more meaningful than any store-bought card could ever convey.  Aunt Gayle had taken the mental encouragement so often used in running and fitness, and placed it in the hands of a college student. Oldest knew this card was a keeper, and placed it well.

Oldest ran cross-country in middle school and high school, so she knows a thing or two about the importance of setting one’s pace.  She’s paced fellow runners, in order to help them finish.  Conversely, she’s been the recipient, as her dear friend and teammate ran by her side, in order to help Oldest beat her own personal record on Senior Night.

Pacing, now, is measured more importantly in the academic endurance test.  Not that it didn’t matter in high-school (that’s a post of its own for another day), but this endurance test comes with more independence and more distractions.  That beautiful card and its strategic placement show me that Oldest is well aware of the importance of pacing herself.

One of my many wishes for my oldest daughter is that she will take the time to slow down when the workload becomes too heavy, and to look out upon that peaceful path and relax, reflect and realize her path.  To know that her path and her pace are of equal importance, in the balance of her life.

How do you tune out the distracting noise of others, in order to listen to your inner voice? Does pacing yourself bring you peace?  Please scroll down and leave your thoughts, below~

Quote credit:  found in Self Magazine, author unknown

12 thoughts on “Equal Importance ~

  1. Karen Dovigi

    It can be difficult to tune out distracting and often times discouraging voices and attitudes around us. It takes practice. It’s not easy. It requires discipline. But isn’t that life? I find the best way for me to drown out the noise is to go on walks with my dog Molly. When I immerse myself in the beautiful surroundings and keep pace with my hyper-active puppy, my thoughts become clearer and therefore my heart is happier (and pumping!) Sometimes it helps to immerse myself in a good storybook or magazine article or pick up my latest cross-stitch project. And sometimes it’s as simple as enjoying a good chocolate bar. As a I get older, I think I am getting better at tuning out the noise. It’s not easy but it’s necessary in order to feel connected, balanced and whole…..
    I love reading your thoughts, Carol. Miss you as much as always, too. xoxo


    1. Karen ~
      Your ideas and actions for maintaining a balance are exactly how I remember you, and you always offered a smile, even when the world was pulling you in a hundred different directions.

      You are a perfect example of a person living a well-balanced life; your path, your pace! 🙂 Miss you, too!


  2. Tim

    Hmmm, I think oldest is much like her mom as it relates to reflection on what is “important”. It must make you smile inside; it makes me smile just to read it! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂


    1. Tim ~
      Your comment makes me smile, as I’ve never viewed it from that angle.

      It’s funny how sometimes the most subtle of actions make us realize our children are growing up, and maybe they really do get the big picture~

      Thanks for reading , & 🙂


  3. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I’m actually trying to sort out the answers to your questions right now. Reminding myself that this moment is a step on an overall path helps, so I don’t place too much importance on a moment that’s fleeting in comparison to progress in the (otherwise) right direction.


    1. Deb…. that’s it, perfectly stated! Not allowing oneself to get caught up in those unnecessary concerns, on the way to reaching one’s goal. However, making sure that we allow ourselves to enjoy the beauty of our path, as we strive to reach those goals!
      Thanks for contemplating over ~ Pause and Smile ~


  4. gayle erdman

    I do believe that we all receive talent/talents from God, and it is good to see you using, perfecting, and sharing your gift of reflective expression. You are able to make me feel ” in”
    those moments. My heartfelt Thank you for honoring me in your description of Megan’s card.


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