Simply, Thank You ~

For all of those that go into harm’s way, in order to keep us safethank you ~

About Carol H. Rives

Wife, mother of two, friend to many. Enjoys reading and writing about education, family, friendship and life, in general. Loves spending quality time with family and friends; making new memories and cherishing the ones of the past. Some favorite interests include: volunteering, exercising, hiking, writing, knitting, baking/cooking, gardening and collecting thought-provoking quotes. Try to live my life in a "pause and smile" kind of way!!
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4 Responses to Simply, Thank You ~

  1. Stuart Erdman says:

    Carol Thanks this is so appropriate We have a lot to be thankful for !! Love Gayle & Stuart

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  2. Paula says:

    A few words to say so much!

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