A New Year’s Wish For You ~

Let's all work together, to make this year a more smile-producing year for one another!  Are you in?

Lotions, Potions and Hope

Let it be said that I am a sucker for especially susceptible to good marketing.  However, good marketing is quite subjective to each individual consumer.  Personally, my weakness is to anything that claims to offer peace, tranquility or relaxation.  Inspirational quotes, simplicity and humor are also key ingredients in my life.  Combine all of the above and …

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Two Arms, Two Legs and a Face…..OH MY!

Most any Wednesday evening I can be found sitting in front of the television with several family members, as we prepare to watch our favorite show ~ ABC's Modern Family.  Rarely do I like to watch a repeat of any show, but with Modern Family I can always count on catching something that I missed …

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