Lotions, Potions and Hope

Let it be said that I am a sucker for especially susceptible to good marketing.  However, good marketing is quite subjective to each individual consumer.  Personally, my weakness is to anything that claims to offer peace, tranquility or relaxation.  Inspirational quotes, simplicity and humor are also key ingredients in my life.  Combine all of the above and I am all over it!

Having spent a weekend at the home of my sister-in-law’s, aka “Cosmetic Junkie”, she introduced me to a line of skincare products that I had never heard of before.  She’s always trying something new; finding out what works and what doesn’t.  As far as I was concerned, she had hit the mother-load of beauty products just in mentioning its name:  philosophy.  Remember:  peace, tranquility, relaxation, inspirational quotes, simplicity and humor…. and I’m all over it!

First off, there is purity made simple– one-step facial cleanser ~ now that’s simplicity to me.

Secondly, there is inner grace – perfumed shampoo, bath & shower gel ~ smells heavenly!

Must be followed by inner grace – perfumed firming body emulsion ~ again heavenly-scent and softness!

"peace, tranquility and purity in a bottle"

Upon returning home from my visit with “C.J.”, I’m ready to go out and find some philosophy.  At this point, I really have to claim to be a novice as far as knowing anything about the philosophy line other than its name and scent, and the fact that I adore both.  Oh and one more catchy thing; there’s a lovely philosophical phrase or inspirational quote on each bottle!  Can you say, “You had me at hello”?  At this point there is really nothing else that I need to know about philosophy and its products; I know what I’m going in search of ~ peace, tranquility and purity in a bottle.

Happily walking into the store, I was eager to find what I was in search of.  This shopping excursion was not going to take long, or so I thought.

Five feet into the store I heard, “Hi there, how are you?  Anything that I can help you with today?”

Eagerly I said, “Hey, fine-thank you, and how are you?  Yes, do you carry the philosophy line?”

“Yes we do!!  Follow me and I’ll lead you to what you need!!” she chuckled.

Now she was leading me through the store, aisle after aisle of “make yourself prettier” scrubs, lotions and toners.  There were more bottles and jars of cosmetics than I had time or patience for.  I truly believe that I could have spent the entire day in that one store and not have seen every product that they had to offer.  Seriously, I was only there to purchase inner grace and purity made simple ~ the only products of philosophy that I was familiar with at the moment.  Oh, how that was about to change!

By this time she was yards in front of me, as she was on a mission to get me what I needed.  Here we were – we had arrived at the correct aisle, or so I thought as I shouted out, “Here it is!  This is exactly what I’m looking for!”  Ahh… grace and purity…, but she kept walking.  So I kept following.

Remember my whole fascination with these products came from the overall effect that they had on my senses.  Sight-relaxing.  Smell-heavenly.  Touch-soft.  Not to mention the inspirational phrases!  Eureka!!

One more aisle over and her mission was complete.  She had led me to a huge wall, lined with shelves, filled with philosophy products that I had never even heard of.

She turned, looked me in the eye and said, “Here you are Ma’am; these are some of the products that you might like to try!” Did I mention that young thang the beauty associate could have been my daughter?

I was left alone to stare at the MANY products by philosophy.  It was a pure moment of pause.  I had passed inner grace, amazing grace, pure grace and various other graces, a few aisles back.  Now I was left starring at miracle worker, help me, and my new favorite – hope in a jar.  And it’s a good thing she left me alone.  My face went from “happy to know where the graces were”; to the classic look that says it all.  You know the one… one eyebrow up, one down.  It says in no uncertain terms, “Hmmm… Seriously… Really… and WT_?!” One expression.  Many suggestions.

Now, if you know me, then you know that I’m pushing the big 5-0.  So it’s very plausible that “young thang” thought that I was one of her mother’s friends or a dinosaur; one or the other.  Sure I admit to having crow’s feet, but I prefer to call them my “laugh lines”.

I love the line that Jon Bon Jovi uses in his song –  “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?”

~There isn’t one of these lines that I would erase

                                       I lived a million miles of memories on that road ~

For me, those lines around my eyes represent a lifetime of fun, laughter and smiles, and I’m not ready to wipe those memories away.

So, until my face begins to show signs of looking like the road map on my GPS, I’ll continue with the grace and purity products, knowing all the while that I have other “hopeful” products waiting to help me.  Who knows, with two teenagers ~ one entering into college and the other in the midst of high school, I just may be standing in front of that “help me” wall before the summer’s end.

my "hope" for the future.... love it!!

A little secret… shhh… I’ve tried some of the hope in a jar from a sample ~ love it!!  However, I can’t use too much as it might make those laugh lines disappear; you know how I feel about those!  🙂

9 thoughts on “Lotions, Potions and Hope

  1. They have something for all of us!!! It IS beyond skin deep (good point); the messages on the bottles are worth the read, even if you don’t use the product. Most are to reflect upon, while others are giggle-producers; it’s win-win!


  2. I LOVE your post… I just recently started using Philosophy (within the last 4-5 months) upon the recommendation of my mom! LOVE the labeling as much as I love the product. 🙂


    1. M~
      Thanks for stopping by; glad you liked it. As far as the product, I agree ~ it’s a WIN-WIN situation. I’m sure you are fairly fond of the “grace” products, with your blog title and all! 🙂


  3. 40 is the new 13

    I remember Oprah touting Hope in a Jar… she loved it, loved its name, loved everything about it, gave it to the studio audience… so it must be something really special. Your post perfectly captured the overwhelming anxiety that beauty products cause me. Too many choices! Too many labels! Which of these thousands will make me smooth and glowy? I’m with you on the wrinkles, I have no problem letting my face show its character. But I have to admit my nighttime cleansing/moisturizing routine has grown so involved I dread getting ready for bed. Wow. Felt good getting that off my chest. Love your blog… and thanks for the follow!


    1. Jennifer… thanks for stopping by “Pause and Smile”! In the past, I must admit that I did get roped in to all the many beauty-promising supplies; I’m a sucker to good marketing. Now that I’m 50, I don’t have the patience to deal with the sales associates that try to push their products that will make me look 20 again. I like being 50 and somewhat mature; however, I have found a product offered by Philosophy, called The Present. It is suppose to decease those pesky fine lines and those gargantuous pores. I have to admit that I still have my treasured fine lines, but the pores, not so much. A second chin has appeared… maybe that is The Present!! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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