Create a Garden Worth the View ~

On a gloomy day, I needed some sunshine, or at least something to make me pause and smile. Perusing through some favorite quotes, I happened upon this beauty: “Take care of your garden, and keep out the weeds; fill it up with sunshine, kind words and kind deeds, ” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. This quote …

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When Mother Nature Speaks ~

When Mother Nature speaks... ... sometimes it's with a gentle whisper that says, "Realize the love that surrounds you!" original photo credit:  D. Rives

Here Comes the Sun… Little Blogger ~ Here Comes the Sun

Spring is definitely present in the South.  We have experienced the sun, rain, wind, heat, and along with the heat.... my favorite ~ the beginning of the humidity!  Now all kidding aside, the humidity here in the South is NOT my favorite, and it never will be.  The only way that I can tolerate the …

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Lotions, Potions and Hope

Let it be said that I am a sucker for especially susceptible to good marketing.  However, good marketing is quite subjective to each individual consumer.  Personally, my weakness is to anything that claims to offer peace, tranquility or relaxation.  Inspirational quotes, simplicity and humor are also key ingredients in my life.  Combine all of the above and …

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