Better Late Than Never ~

Oops ~ Seriously, major oops!

While cleaning off my desk, and getting my papers and mind into a somewhat organized fashion, I found it; the item that caused me to utter, “oops!”  Underneath the countless forms to be filled out, turned in, or filed away ~ there it was… the list of thank-you’s that had not been written.

Now, it wouldn’t be a “major oops” if this list represented thank-you notes for Christmas gifts; I think I would still be within an acceptable time frame for those.  The “oops” list goes back about two and a half months to my birthday.  EEE-GADS!!

Make a wish...

You see, expressing my gratitude is very important to me.  It goes as far back as to when I was a little girl, and my mother presented me with my first box of pretty stationery.  This special paper was to be used to convey my gratitude for toys, clothes, special jewelry, or any keepsake that was given to me as a gift, regardless of the occasion; however, birthdays and Christmas come to mind.  If memory serves me right, this practice of writing thank-you notes started for me when I was in elementary school.

Since then (many years later), I’ve done my best to continue the practice of conveying my thanks when given a gift, or when someone demonstrates a special favor towards me.  First order of business is to start a list of those that need to be thanked, and secondly ~ make sure that said list does NOT land under a mountain of papers and other lists!!  Maybe I’ll resort to adding “the list” to my calendar of events, so that it will ding at me every two hours, until accomplished.

Several years ago, HUBS asked me if I had written a thank-you note to friends of ours, for just what I can’t remember, but I do remember very specifically the look that I shot at him.

The look, itself, said, “Are you kidding me?”  “What the heck?”  “Seriously, you have to ask that?”  “Did YOU write it?”  Yes… all that was said with one look.  If you know me, you know the look.  Why did he think he even needed to ask the question?

Again, if you know me, you understand that between my mother and my two grandmothers, I was raised in a somewhat “Emily Post” environment.  The thank-you note is a must!

"The Special Paper"

Upon finding the “oops” list, on my abyss of a desk, my mind shot back to the glare that I had given HUBS years ago.  Something tells me that I won’t be shooting off that glare anytime soon.  Yes, even when you are trained by those that abide by the rules of Emily Post… you’re still gonna screw it up, now and again! 🙂

Typically, I like to handwrite the thank-you’s, but today’s post about thanks and my screw-up is going out to my friends and family who acknowledged my big 5-0 in a variety of ways.  Whether you sent me a card; gave me a gift; treated me to lunch; called with a wish; joined me for dinner; or reached out through Facebook, I want to extend a very heartfelt thank-you!

The people that are present in my everyday life, whether you are family or friend; close in proximity, or close in heart; friends from the past, or friends from the present; writer/blogger friends that are new in my life ~ you are the true and continuous gifts that are given to me, luckily more than just once a year!

Thank you for coming into my life on the good days, as well as the ones that aren’t so good ~ you are always welcome here.


Most of all, thank you for allowing me into your world, during both your ups and downs and just simply ~ the ever-calming quiet moments of the true “presence” of your friendship!

12 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never ~

  1. Thank you’s are important ..I agree. They represent, to me, our feelings and appreciation for all the kindnesses that we receive. It is not about is about true gratitude. As far as your “oops ” moment…I learned one other thing from the etiquette book. ” When is it too late to send a thank you note?”….”never”. So Carol, Thank you for being a kind and understanding friend..who always has time to listen.
    As Ever,


    1. Aww… thanks Mary! I agree; it’s about the overall gratitude that one feels. You’re right, it’s NEVER too late to send a thank you…. maybe they’ll go out as April Fool’s cards 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words, Mary! We don’t spend nearly enough time together, but when we do ~ we conquer it all, right? I’m thinking a trip to Neal’s is coming up ~what about you?


  2. I love it! and you’re welcome, ha,ha… And Thank YOU!
    I’ve instigated that at this house where I live. Since the first year, 8 years ago, I’ve had students design thank you cards from the Ballet Student Residence. And, then, each time someone gives us something, fixes something, does something nice for the house, I put out a note and ask them to sign it. Many of them complain, but I’m hoping that, like with you, it’s something that might stay with them!
    Great article!


    1. Thanks Trish! I love the idea of having the students design their own thank you note ~ very personal touch. I’m sure so much of your guidance will be taken by these teens that you work with, and they will carry these lessons and memories of you throughout their lives. I can just hear the complaining; their teens, right? Luckily that phase will vanish in due time. Wouldn’t surprise me at all, if you were to receive a “thank you” from several of them, once they grow up and have families of their own. You have a very positive impact on those around you.


  3. I laughed when I read about ‘the look’ as I could just imagine it! Mary has it right: it’s (rarely ever) too late for a thank you. Then again, that’s why a person like you who expressly cultivates an atmosphere of gratitude ends up with such a big list.


    1. Thanks Linda ~ glad that I made you laugh! Also, you have a way with words, My Friend; a true gift! Having a list of people to thank is a gift in itself. See, how your words make me reflect?!?!?!?


  4. Kim

    You are incredible with your thank yous and “thinking of you” notes! I try to keep up but will never match your kindness. Thank you for our Christmas gift for which I was un-Emily Post-ish and failed to write a proper paper thank you.


    1. “Never match your kindness”, well~ thank you, but paleeeeeeeaazzzzz! You have ALWAYS kept in touch with humor, thanks and the ever-joyous phone calls! If I remember correctly, and I do on this one, some of your correspondences were when you were in the lowest moments of your life. Remember? Emily Post or not, you take the cake, Kimmie! You inspire me more than you will ever know ~ it’s one of those “words can’t express how I feel” feelings. 🙂 I’ll keep working on finding just the right words!!


  5. Paula

    Talk about an “oops” moment, I just read your latest post. OOPS! Exactamundo…it’s never to late to say thanks! BTW, have I recently thanked you for all you do by just being YOU?

    Love Paula


  6. I swear, there is nothing better than a good old-fashioned thank you note that is really sent from the heart. Not the dumb form letter: “Thank you so much for the generous check…” BLAH BLAH BLAH. But real words where someone has spent time to personalize something.

    I think there are fewer and fewer of us who actually know how to write like that. And the price of postage makes it less and less desirable. Not to mention less convenient.

    Congratulations on your big 5-0. How’s that for a “big ooops”? I think I missed that! I hope it was wonderful!


    1. Thanks Renee… I would love writing a letter that contained, “Thank you so much for the generous check…”!!!

      Have fun on your trip to New Orleans, and it’s great that you get to meet Lisha in person!

      Keep up the great writing; love your posts!


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