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The Gift ~

It didn’t matter what it was ~ jewelry, a book, a teddy bear, or a simple little dish that was picked up at the flea market.  This price tag, whether high or low, just didn’t matter. It was the manner … Continue reading

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An Unspoken Promise ~

Ralph Waldo Emerson stated:  “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”   ~~~ and that’s definitely how it began… It’s amazing how quickly it all fell together, literally.  The best … Continue reading

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I’m Giving Up…

It begins today… the sacrifice, or in the end it may be defined ~ madness! Having grown up Catholic, I was always challenged to give up something very near and dear to me, during the days of Lent.  This practice … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never ~

Oops ~ Seriously, major oops! While cleaning off my desk, and getting my papers and mind into a somewhat organized fashion, I found it; the item that caused me to utter, “oops!”  Underneath the countless forms to be filled out, … Continue reading

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