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Happy Fourth of July ~

“Freedom’s natal day is here.  Fire the guns and shout for freedom, see the flag above unfurled!  Hail the stars and stripes forever, Dearest flag in all the world.” ~  Florence A. Jones ~ Happy 4th of July!   While celebrating, … Continue reading

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Thank you Mr. Emerson ~

This morning while turning the pages of one of my favorite authors, this verse touched my heart.  The words of Ralph Waldo Emerson always resonate with me, causing me to pause a bit and wonder. Write it on your heart … Continue reading

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The Gift ~

It didn’t matter what it was ~ jewelry, a book, a teddy bear, or a simple little dish that was picked up at the flea market.  This price tag, whether high or low, just didn’t matter. It was the manner … Continue reading

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How Do You Envision Your Hook?

The afternoon started with a loud clap, that of what seemed to be cracking thunder.  As Oldest described it, “It was as if I watched it all happen in slow motion.”  Isn’t that how accidents seem to happen?  You’re aware … Continue reading

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Simply, Thank You ~

For all of those that go into harm’s way, in order to keep us safe… thank you ~

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An Unspoken Promise ~

Ralph Waldo Emerson stated:  “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”   ~~~ and that’s definitely how it began… It’s amazing how quickly it all fell together, literally.  The best … Continue reading

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What’s Your Footprint?

It’s pretty common nowadays to be concerned with one’s footprint.  Do you recycle?   Do you buy recycled?  Do you grow your own food?  Do you eat left-overs?  Do you ride your bike to work, or walk?  Bottom line… what … Continue reading

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I’m Giving Up…

It begins today… the sacrifice, or in the end it may be defined ~ madness! Having grown up Catholic, I was always challenged to give up something very near and dear to me, during the days of Lent.  This practice … Continue reading

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Treasured Guidance

Many years ago, although sometimes it seems like yesterday, I experienced the most life altering moment of my life…the loss of my mother.  Mom lost her fight with breast cancer, after battling it on and off again for eight years. … Continue reading

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