Santa’s Simple Request ~

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been enamored with Santa, or the mere thought of him.  What is his secret?  How does he stay so happy all of the time, even when little children are screaming to get away from him?  What is his magical technique for spreading Christmas joy?

My first visit to Santa brings back memories of mixed emotions.  The excitement of meeting this amazing man, who traveled the world in a night, and the apprehension of sitting with this stranger seemed all too confusing, for this skittish little girl of five years old.

My first visit with Santa ~
My first visit with Santa ~

Once it was my turn, I made my way up to the big man.  He could sense my apprehension, so he started talking about Rudolph, Mrs. Claus and all of his helpers.  He established how important his family was to him, and how each one was necessary in their different roles.  Each member of his family had a purpose to help one another, so that he would be able to deliver the gifts of toys and good cheer; they were all equally important in the preparation of his delivering happiness to all.

He asked me if I behaved my parents, and if I treated my little brother kindly.  He was now focusing on my family.  Now I couldn’t tell a lie, because I knew this man saw everything.  All. Year. Long.  Whew, that’s a lot of pressure for a five-year old.  So I told the truth~ I made mistakes, but for the most part I was a help to my mom and dad, and I loved my new brother; however, I was worried about having to share my parents with him. 

He replied with his jolly ole laugh and said, “Mistakes happen and that’s ok,  you just don’t want to keep making the same ones over and over again.  And as for your little brother, sharing good people and kindness with each other will just make our world a happier place to be.”

We didn’t really talk about toys very much because I figured that he was Santa, and he already knew.  He more or less had me mesmerized with his kind and gentle voice; he seemed to have this wonderful compassion for the world, and it twinkled through his eyes.

To this day, some forty-seven years later, I will wink, nod, and give him a gentle wave, as I pass by during his busy time of the year.  You see, I still believe.  He may not shimmy down our chimney, but he passes on the good cheer, as he encourages the little children to help their family, to be a caring brother or sister, or conveys the importance of sharing and kindness.  I guess that one could say, he’s kind of my super hero.

Several days ago, HUBS and I were out enjoying the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, taking in all the decorations and festivities.  We walked past Santa, as he was stretching and taking a break from the little tykes.  He waved and smiled, as if he remembered us both from many, many years back.  The guy just has that wonderful way about him.

I stopped and asked him if he had a second, and of course he did.  He always has all the time in the world, or so it seems.  I asked him a question that caused him some confusion, and I could see it on his face.  He had no trouble coming up with the answer, it was the fact that I had to ask the question that troubled him.

"Of course, but it's really so simple!"
“Of course, but it’s really so simple!”

He said, “Hey Red, how are you doing?  It’s been a few years, how are your children?”

“Oh Santa, it’s so good to see you, and thanks for asking… they seem to be doing very well.  By the way, I have a request for you… it might seem pretty hefty, but it’s worth asking.”

“No problem,” he said, “go ahead, let me hear it.”

“Well, there’s not much that I want for myself this year, but rather something that I would like for ALL of us, and I mean ALL of us.  Do you remember years ago, when you talked to me about the importance of helping each other, and that we all have our own special roles in this life, as well as the importance of sharing?”

He quietly and solemnly uttered, “Well, yes I do.”

“Santa, I’d like to ask a huge favor and I know that many other people feel the same way.  Would you please bring us world peace?”

Santa smiled and said, “Now Red, you know I will ~ consider it done; however, there is one condition.  I will deliver world peace, as long as everyone is kind and offers a smile to everyone they encounter; it’s really that simple!”

I smiled, thanked him, and wished him a very Merry Christmas, and let him get back to the little ones.

I turned and smiled at HUBS and stated, “It really could be that simple, couldn’t it?”

Let’s all do our part and amaze this world of ours, with the peace that we all have to offer one another!  

Photo credit:  2nd image – Don Rives

12 thoughts on “Santa’s Simple Request ~

  1. Paula Godsey

    Love the pix! Love the story and the memories it evokes, love the simple answer…now let’s all do as Santa asks! Both Tim and Eric say that is “definitely you”.


    1. Santa always makes me smile. It’s the happy and merry attitude that he conveys with his eyes, that I wish was present all year long. Maybe we need to get him to enlist his “cousins” to sit in the mall and spread the cheer. Are you guys related to Santa…. seems like it!!! 🙂


  2. Tim

    Carol, you did it again! What a great story, thanks so much for sharing. Surely everyone would give up all their gifts for world peace. I’m sure Santa loves that you wink and wave; love your Christmas Spirit!!


    1. Thanks for reading, Tim; I’m glad that you enjoyed it. You and your family already do a great deal in contributing to world peace; you set a fine example for many! You make Santa proud!


  3. Jerri

    Carol – I loved this! That really is simply what it’s all about isn’t it? I wish everyone could read this and remember it all year long. Best to you, Don and the girls for a Merry Christmas!


    1. Thanks Jerri! I’m sure that you are sharing the kindness with all those around you, and setting a great example for the those cute little ones in your life! Merry Christmas to you and your family ~


    1. Thanks Nancy! I should have inserted a “for crying out loud” into the post for you.

      “Santa said, ‘for crying out loud…. how simple could it be?'” That would be the Midwestern Santa, right?


  4. Karen Dovigi

    As always, I love your story, Carol. Santa and all he represents surely brings us hope and renewed optimism during these times. Thank you my friend!


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