The Gift ~

It didn’t matter what it was ~ jewelry, a book, a teddy bear, or a simple little dish that was picked up at the flea market.  This price tag, whether high or low, just didn’t matter.

It was the manner in how the gift box was presented that made the difference.  Mom cared.  Regardless of its content, the box was always presented with detail.  I didn’t always understand why, but I do now.

The tissue paper that lined the box, protecting and hiding its content, was always handled so delicately – each piece folded back and doubled over with care.

The wrapping paper that was used on the outside… always the perfect choice for the person receiving the gift.

The bow ~ oh, the bows were a work of art; the additional time that was spent fluffing and cutting the ribbon.

Love and care ~
Love and care ~

You see, it wasn’t always about the object that was hiding within, that I focused on.  It was the great amount of time and thought that went into the preparation of the box, that to me was a gift in itself.

The presentation was not about perfection; it was about life.

She truly handled it with love and care ~

6 thoughts on “The Gift ~

  1. Paula Godsey

    Awwww…isn’t it the truth? I’m off to find my bucket of bows (craft challenged)! Merry Christmas to all the Rives!


  2. Jennifer S

    I love this Carol. So beautiful a message. And I appreciate you continuing to check on my blog. I’m clearly not up to the task of continuing to post regularly while holding down a job, but truly do intend to keep trying. Thank you for your friendship and support, and I hope you have a wonderful New Year.


    1. Happy New Year to you too, Jennifer! Have you seen the lapse in activity on my blog…. sheesh! Whether I post or not, I hope that I can make this a year of writing. Don’t let your writing go; you have such a talent for telling a story. You always leave me waiting for your next post! 🙂


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